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Will Apple Really Entry the 'Low-End' Computer Market?

Investment research gurus Bernstein Research recently upgraded Apple. Rumors were circulating that the folks over at Apple might be introducing a redesigned range of laptops including a $900 MacBook. Analysts predicted this would be a way for Apple to increase its ever-expanding share of the computer marketplace.

apple-iigs-woz-editioniPhone has already been a goldmine for the company, even after many critics cried foul about some of  the problems with the earlier version of the phone i.e. poor battery,  hardware malfunctions and a sharp drop in cost after just a couple of months in the marketplace.
The facts: The Mac gods have spoken. Rumors that the folks over at Apple, were going to be redesigning their laptops and discounting their products is true. Apple lowered the price of the immensely popular basic MacBook to $999. They also updated the MacBook Pro with more high-end features like a thinner laptop casing, an ultra-thin display, a video card that’s about five times faster, a smooth glass multi-touch track pad—and they were even able to make those developments slightly easier on the wallet.  A newly designed MacBook will cost about $1299 and a MacBook Pro with two graphics chips for super fast processing will now have a price tag of $2499. MacBook Air was also updated. On the downside, the ultra-thin portable notebook still doesn’t have a CD or DVD drive and retails for $1799.
Some analysts say that in order to stay ahead the computer maker will have to offer consumers reasonable access to its goodies at an irresistible price.  The folks over at iSuppli say as much as 39 percent of automakers in the United States already have integrated iPod connectivity and that number could increase to as much as 58 percent for all cars sold in 2009. With the industry’s sharp decreases it just makes “good” sense.
A more affordable option of its MacBook could increase its customer base by as much as 50 percent. Some are even saying the stock is “overly” discounted.  Apple’s short term financials are likely to look good even in spite of the nation’s current economic woes. Some analysts like Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein are confident shares will increase slowly for the behemoth.  He says, “Even if the PC market is flat in 2009, the low price will help broaden and expand the market share.”